Micropolix, the children’s town

In the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes we find Micropolix, an authentic city for the enjoyment of the little ones, specifically designed and with a multitude of games and dynamics.

More than 12,000 square meters welcome the special citizens of this city, the children. Their mission is to actively collaborate in the services and routine of the city. To do this, the children will have to perform all kinds of functions: they will be firemen, doctors, architects or journalists and they will have to work together accompanying each other throughout different dynamics.

This innovative leisure activity is highly educational without limiting the fun and games for the children. They will have to accumulate Eurix, the special currency of the Micropolix city, and contribute to the best running of the city. Initiative, teamwork, effort and self-improvement are values that will be promoted through the different games. An innovative proposal that turns children into the real protagonists of the game. Come to Micropolix!