OléOlá: The flamenco experience


From the 3rd of March, the Teatro Eslava in Madrid will be hosting 'OléOlá' on Fridays and Saturdays, a flamenco and gastronomy show directed by two great names in the genre, the artists Cristina Hoyos and José Carlos Plaza.

The veteran dancer Cristina Hoyos returns to choreograph a work that tells the story of flamenco dancing and singing, offering a reflection of the passion, fun and diversity of this art form divided into three parts. This journey through the world of flamenco begins with a walk along the Malecón, on the other side of the sea. In this first part, 'OléOlá' wants to celebrate the twinning of Andalusian and South American music, with the singing and dancing of the bailaores and bailaoras, to the sound of Guajiras and Alegrías.

The second part of the show takes us to the most chaotic and nocturnal city to feel the rawest intensity of the nocturnal cities. We enter into an intense street fight, where the castanets and the heel tapping sound like heartbreaking blows, with an unexpected denouement that ends with a reverie full of passion and sensuality to the sound of the Tarantos, the Soleás, the Martinetes and Tientos and the Tientos. 

The journey ends by arriving at the heart of flamenco: the tablaos. The purest Andalusian tradition, where the 'duende' that runs through our souls and makes us feel all the passion of flamenco, in a unique and indescribable way, is celebrated.

'OléOlá' rediscovers the best of our culture and gastronomy, turning every moment into a moment of celebration. To carry out this show we have also counted on the collaboration of the Extremaduran dancer Jesús Ortega and the composer José Luís de la Paz to elaborate the soundtrack, which envisages a constant cultural exchange between Spain and the Caribbean and South America with a selection of guajiras, boleros and alegrías.

The doors of the show open at 20:00 h and half an hour later the dinner is served, which has been based on Andalusian, Arab, gypsy and Castilian roots for its preparation and at 22:00h the flamenco evening begins.


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Image credits: ©OléOlá