Exhibition "Joana Biarnés. Madrid / Moda a pie de calle"


Until 23th July 2023, Sala Canal de Isabel II is hosting the photographic work taken in Madrid between 1962 and 1972 by the photojournalist Joana Biarnés (1935-2018), who specialized in the world of fashion.

During this decade, fashion was in full bloom, opening up to the world as a city that was living through the last years of a dictatorship. It was a time of exploration, of creative boom, of desire and novelty. Thus, the photojournalist witnessed this radical evolution from classicism to haute couture and informality.

The exhibition includes more than a hundred photographs that show the evolution of fashion and society in an era of transcendental changes, such as the 1960s and early 1970s. It also represents a panoramic view of the Spanish capital, with its streets, boroughs and inhabitants, a constant throughout Joana Biarnés’ career, who was the first woman to dedicate herself to this profession in Spain, and would be the pioneer, also as a woman, in fashion photography.

"Madrid/ Moda a pie de calle" ("Madrid/Fashion on the street") sums up an entire era that she captures without affectation or aestheticism, treating fashion with proximity and sincerity, often placing the models in the street, naturally, without seeking lavish or extravagant settings.



More information: "Joana Biarnés. Madrid / Fashion on the street"

Image credit: ©Exhibition "Joana Biarnés. Madrid / Fashion at street level".