Pasea Madrid


Pasea Madrid, the programme of free guided tours of the capital, has already set a date for its next edition: from 6th March, the people of Madrid will once again be able to discover the city's rich historical heritage.

Pasea Madrid, which opens its registration period on 27th February at 12:00 a. m., offers an exclusive opportunity to visit some of Madrid's buildings that are usually closed to the public. 

This programme also presents spaces from angles unknown to the people of Madrid, with the aim of informing the public about the importance of conserving and preserving the capital's cultural assets, as well as its urban landscape.

Pasea Madrid maintains in each year's edition the visit to emblematic places, such as El Capricho’s Búnker. However, there are some buildings that disappear and other new ones that are incorporated to the list of the previous editions.

Some of the buildings that can only be visited on days such as those proposed by Pasea Madrid (or by Madrid Otra Mirada or by Open House Madrid) are the renovated Pabellón de los Hexágonos or the Frontón Beti Jai.

In addition to visits to these spaces, the keys to which are in the exclusive possession of the city council, Pasea Madrid also proposes routes to discover the architectural heritage of some of the city's neighbourhoods, such as the neo-Mudejar district of Tetuán or the district recognised by UNESCO as a Landscape of Light.

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Image credits: ©ManuelfromMadrid - Shutterstock