Turismo Madrid

Parques temáticos

Watch the dolphins in the Zoo or the Penguins in Faunia. Screaming until you lose your voice in the shuttle of the Parque de Atracciones or taking a picture with Tweety in the Warner Park have no price, especially with your family.

The Region of Madrid welcomes everyday thousands of tourists that want to visit the museums and monuments. But Madrid is also a benchmark for family leisure, since it has consolidated as one of the regions with the highest number and the best quality of theme parks.

Enjoy Madrid from the air taking the Cableway, sky even in summer, expand your knowledge watching stars or have fun in the amusement, theme or water parks. It has a wide range of options, so do not think about it more and come with your dear ones, do not forget them at home because in Madrid you will find many leisure proposals focused on families.

Come, discover the possibilities and have an unforgettable day in Madrid!

Warner Park

Only 29 kilometers away from Madrid, in the locality of San Martín de la Vega, it is located one of the most modern and avant-garde parks in Europe, the Madrid Warner Park. Inspired by Hollywood glamour and designed so that you can spend a great day. The park has 36 attractions, some of them unique in Europe, distributed in six big theme areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Movie World Studios, Cartoon Village, DC Super Heroes World, Old West Territory y Parque Warner Beach.

Hollywood Boulevard: It is the access gate to the park, with an authentic decoration, imitating the 60-70's in the United States. Art Deco and modern buildings evoke big theatres, sky scrapers and even the popular Walk of Fame with the stars of the Spanish actors. Dance shows, 3D cinema as well as shops and restaurants is what you will find here.

Movie World Studios: It is an area inspired in the Hollywood production studios. When you get to its lake, you will believe that you are in California beaches, and you will even walk through the luxury Beverly Hills. Roam the city in vintage cars, but if you want to let adrenaline out, you will be able to feel like a real cinema specialist for a few minutes in Stunt Fall, the most emblematic attraction unique in Europe.

Cartoon Village: It is the children's area par excellence, where the younger children can make their dreams come true together with the 'Looney Tunes'. There are roller coasters, water attractions, bumper cars; in essence children will play by pretending to be adults, but with the cartoons, becoming a detective with Scooby Doo or even an astronaut with Mavi the Martian.

DC Super Heroes World: Rightly, many super heroes have traveled until the Warner Park and you will be able to live on the edge their fearless attractions. You will find here 'La Venganza del Enigma', the tallest attraction in Europe and one of the highest in the World. You will be also able to have fun in the bumper cars of the most famous enemy of Batman, the Joker.

Old West Territory: Here you will find the most famous western movie sets. The streets and façades will bring you to a far west town. Enjoy attractions like the wooden rollercoaster "Coaster Express" or the "Cataratas Salvajes" (Dangerous waterfalls) or even show you ability in the different fire trials.

Parque Warner Beach: It was inaugurated last June and it is the last theme that has been incorporated to the park. It is only open during summer and it is a unique water park in Spain, where you will be able to refresh you together with your favorite cartoons in the wave pool, or enjoy with the younger children in two water parks. But if you want to get tanned, you have a solarium with a real sand beach or even have access to the VIP area that brings you to the beach piers of the Californian Pacific Coast.

As you can see, each area offers its own attractions and shows, so get ready to enjoy the roller coasters, musicals, water attractions and real movie scenes. There are more than 50 shows and parades every day that will make all the family members enjoy an unforgettable day in a unique area.

And of course, don't forget to take a picture with the Warner cartoons: Tweety, Daffy duck, Sylvester... It will be a lifelong memory.

If you wish, you can also take advantage of the park installations to organize business, particular or school events. It has huge rooms and auditoriums suitable for all kinds of meetings. You can access to the powerful audiovisual means, which together with the Warner Park environment, you will have a successful meeting.

Parque Warner
Address: M-301, Km 15,5
28330 San Martín de la Vega- Madrid

Learn more: http://www.parquewarner.com 



It is summer and you get into the biggest European polar Ecosystem. It is winter and you feel the jungle heat. Where? In Madrid, in Faunia.

This nature theme park awakens the senses with a four different ecosystems proposal, which recreate the climate characteristics, its flora and fauna: the farm, the polar ecosystem, the jungle and poison. The tours last 4 or 5 hours, and during them you will also find rest areas where you will enjoy the beauty of the park.

Here is also a place for live shows. One of the most popular among the younger children above all, is the one that takes place in the 'Teatro del Lago', where you will see the abilities of the mammals trained by its caregivers.

If you still want more, there are more shows like the raptors flight, lectures in the different ecosystems, etc.

Faunia also offers camps where the younger children will be able to enjoy a fun and didactic holiday that will turn into unforgettable.

Av. Comunidades, 28
28032- Madrid

Learn more: http://www.faunia.es/ 

Safari Madrid

This nature reserve was a project developed by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, as a different way of watching the endangered animals. Having wide spaces evoking their natural habitat, the animals don't suffer the effect of their captivity.

In Aldea del Fresno, Safari Madrid offers the opportunity to observe free-ranging wild animals. From your own car or in a pneumatic train, you can see close giraffes, bears and lions, among others. There is also a terrarium for reptiles and insectariums. A small river flows all over the route, being a special place where you can enjoy the most authentic nature.

During summer, the visitors can enjoy in a swimming pool for refreshing themselves; located close to a giant slide and a karting circuit.

Safari Madrid
Carretera Navalcarnero-Cadalso de los Vidrios Km.22
28620- Aldea del Fresno, Madrid

Learn more: http://www.safarimadrid.com/

Parque de Atracciones

If you are into adventures, you are at the right place. It is the most complete and modern urban park in Madrid. It has 40 attractions spread all over the different areas of the park, where every visitor can find the most suitable amusement. From impossible roller coasters to simple strolls around nature landscapes, or children areas, in the park there is room for everybody.

Many areas divide the park so you can enjoy with the younger children in Nickelodeon Land, or in the quiet area. You can refresh yourself in the nature area with its water attractions or enjoy to the limit the machines area, where you will be able to go into the 'Abismo', one of the latest attractions, the most spectacular of all, unique in the World.

The parque de atracciones possess a score of entertainment installations, activities and shows, an auditorium, more than 30 restaurants and free parking. Funny parades entertain different avenues and streets all the time, to join in the fun. Enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Casa de Campo, s/n.
28011 - Madrid

Learn more: www.parquedeatracciones.es

Zoo Aquarium

It is the only one in Europe that brings together in the same area: Zoo, Dolphinarium, Aquarium, Aviary and other installations like the pavilion named "Naturaleza Misteriosa", where you can watch reptiles, amphibious and fishes, or "La pequeña Granja" (The little farm) with domestic animals.

The enclosures are conditioned so the species are preserved perfectly, and also with vegetation to recreate their natural habitat. There are also green areas, where there are more than 100 labeled vegetative species. It is a Zoo and at the same time a Botanic Garden.

Take advantage of the installations to celebrate an original birthday, the most successful "Team Building" meeting, or the most singular conferences.

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
Casa de Campo, s/n.
28011 - Madrid

Learn more: www.zoomadrid.com


When summer arrives, there is nothing better than combining water, sun, open air and fun in water parks. Water, as the attractions engine, drives the visitors through the most exciting and unpredictable surprises.

Enjoy the best water attractions of the park. If you are bold and you want to let adrenaline out, you cannot miss Turbulence, Boomerang, the Black Hole, Kamikaze or the new attraction of this summer 2014: Waikiki Jungle. Do you dare to?

But there is also fun for the younger children, with slides that will make then enjoy, from the simplest ones to others more curved that will make your experience more exciting, even more when some of them are 20 meters high. And of course, you can relax close to the wave pools, which will bring you to the sea. Check it yourself!

If you are into water parks, this is the name that you have to remember: Aquopolis

Aquopolis Madrid
Avda. de la Dehesa, s/n
28691 - Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid

Learn more: www.aquopolis.es

Teleférico (cableway)

Do you want to see Madrid from the highs without taking a plane? The cableway is the perfect transport to do this.

Its best location is combined with the originality and funniest part of this mean of transport. It communicates Madrid with the Green Lang of the city: Casa de Campo. This facility, built with the latest, most reliable and secure technology, travels 2.5 km from Paseo del Pintor Rosales (Close to Debod temple) until the Casa de Campo. It combines culture and nature.

From the Teleférico you can watch Madrid from a unique and different place, a perspective of the city that should be experienced by everyone. On the way you will reach a maximum high of 40 m, at 3,5 m/s speed.

Teleférico de Madrid
Paseo del Pintor Rosales, s/n
28008 - Madrid

Learn more: www.teleferico.com

Carlos Sainz CENTER

Are you into speed and the smell of burnt rubber? Are you a fan of racing? Although you don't have a racing car and a private circuit, you can enjoy as it was.

Come and discover the best karting circuit in Europe, with more than 2,800 m2 of track and curves full of fun. Sport and fun are assured to the highest extent, not only in the karts track, but also on its 600 m2 children area, with the Q-zar labyrinth and the Paintball field.

Live the experience of feeling like a real racing driver on this circuit, where you can check the results of the competition in real time in the giant scoreboard located in the Finish area. Huge prices and the most exciting championships are waiting for you here.

Carlos Sainz Center

Európolis Business Park
Calle V, 3
28230 - Las Rozas, Madrid

Learn more: www.kartcsainz.com

Madrid Snow Zone (Xanadú)

There is no need to go to the mountain to enjoy the best tracks! The unique indoors snow track in Spain offers the opportunity to sky and snowboarding 365 days a year. It is a snow park where you can jump and learn tricks. Its setting will change in order to offer you different alternatives: transitions, rails, boxes, etc.

18,000 m2 dedicated only to the world of snow. In the main track of 250 m length and 55 m wide, and with 25% slope you can improve your technique. A ski lift and a chairlift for up to 4 people makes you forget about queues. We also have another clue lower slope with ski lift and conveyor. Its features, 100m long and 50m wide, are ideal for those who are still learning.

It is the ideal place to learn basic to pass quickly to the main track notions. The environment, perfectly controlled, makes the snow to remain always under the best conditions. It is a perfect place to have fun and enjoy the leisure time.

Madrid Snow Zone
Carretera A-5, exits 22 y 25
C.C. Madrid Xanadú
28939 – Arroyomolinos, Madrid

Learn more:  http://www.madridsnowzone.com/

Planetario (Planetarium)

Cosmos lovers: this is your place. The stars, galaxies and planets are brought to life in this park.

The main objective of the Planetarium since it was inaugurated in 1986 is to obtain a broad dissemination of the Astronomy and Science in two fields: the pedagogical one and the informative, but oriented to foster both disciplines among the schoolchildren and the general audience.

The Planetarium of Madrid is located in the Tierno Galván Park, at a height of 600m. This makes it an excellent viewpoint where you can have a panoramic view of the city of Madrid.

For multimedia projections that take place in the main hall of the Planetarium of Madrid, there is a multi-view system comprising 100 slide projectors that represent in the dome images from the space, galaxies, stars and even phenomena like stellar explosions.

It has several rooms that host exhibitions periodically. It also works as a multifunctional area where kids, through workshops, learn how to explore the Universe and the stars in a funny way.

Planetario de Madrid
Avenida del Planetario,16
Parque Tierno Galván
28045 - Madrid

Learn more: www.planetmad.es

Parque Europa

Located in Torrejón de Ardoz, this park was inaugurated in 2010 and it is another proposal when it comes to theme parks in the Region of Madrid. It allows you to see in one day the different European monuments without leaving the park.

Take a walk around the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, and jump to the London Bridge and cross it, while you see the Eiffel Tower, the Fontana di Trevi and the Brandenburg Gate. This is possible in the Parque de Europa (Europe Park).

In total, 17 European monuments and an original part of the Wall of Berlin, donated by the council of this city, complete all the replicates that you can visit.

Enjoy also with your family thanks to the activities proposed in the park. It might be a boat trip or going down the zip line, having fun in the laser labyrinth or just enjoy the green areas.

The navigable lake deserves special mention, where light, water and sound shows are performed here thanks to its cyber fountain, unpublished in our continent and there are only three similar ones in the World.

Parque Europa
Exit of Torrejón direction Loeches,
Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid

Learn more:  http:/www.parqueeuroparestauracion.com


Micropolix brings a new concept of theme park. It is a city for children between 4 and 14 years old, where being an adult is a game.

In this educational leisure center, unique in Spain, children can experience in first person the appropriate tasks for an adult. With their own currency, the Eurix, and along its streets, children will participate in many workshops based on their age.

Every child will receive at the beginning 100 Eurix, which can be used as desired. Once he chooses the job that he likes and he works, he will earn money, while using a provision will be an expense. Be a doctor, police, banker...for one day. Enjoy the driving school learning how to drive, or get ready to be a race driver.

All the activities are supervised by a team of professionals so that children can learn essential values such as motivation, effort and work team.

The park allows the hosting of special events that will be unforgettable for sure. It is a small city, created in a magical setting that you cannot miss.

Micropolix. Children leisure park
Shopping and leisure centre of Alegra in San Sebastián de los Reyes
28702 Madrid

Learn more:  http://micropolix.com/

Aventura Amazonia

Feel the pure emotion in the theme parks of adventure in the trees 'Aventura Amazonia' and enjoy with friends or family with their funny circuits.

Aventura Amazonia Cercedilla

In the heart of the Madrid Mountains, in the Valley of the Fuenfría, located in the recreation area of the Berceas in the Meadows of Cercedilla is located one of the largest adventure parks in Europe and the largest in Spain. There you will find 101 games in the trees, and 22 zip lines spread across 6 adventure circuits: Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure, Sporty and X-Trem; 3 of Initiation; and an area only for companies with 6 dynamics of 'Team Building'. A day of adventure in which you can make the circuit as many times as you want, up to three hours.

Aventura Amazonia Pelayos

In Pelayos de la Presa, next to the reservoir of San Juan, in a privileged area of Sierra Oeste, is located this park recently created, in which you will find 95 games in the trees, and 22 zip lines spread over 6 adventure circuits: MiniKids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure and Sporty; 3 of Initiation; Super zip line with 255 metres, the longest in Spain among trees.

Here you will find all the information related to the Aventura Amazonia theme parks like circuits, fees, access, etc.

Don't wait more and start enjoying!