Gourmet markets


Traditional markets have been reconverted into gastronomic markets, where in addition to doing your daily shopping, you can have lunch, dinner or tapas. Immerse yourself in the gastronomic and sensory experience offered by Madrid's gourmet markets.

If you still don't know any of these new meeting points, you are missing out on a really trendy plan!

Platea Madrid

A large avant-garde complex that is the largest gastronomic leisure space in Europe. In its 6,000 square meters, it offers not only avant-garde cuisine, but also a wide variety of shows to entertain the public (music, cinema, performing arts, musicals, magic, cabaret or micro-theater) and activities such as workshops or tastings on stage. An ideal place both for snacks and afterwork.

San Miguel Market

Located in the most traditional center of Madrid, next to the Plaza Mayor, it defines itself as "the temple of fresh products where the protagonist is not the chef, but the genre". The historic building is the only market in Madrid of the so-called iron architecture and is considered an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Monument.

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San Ildefonso Market

On Fuencarral Street is this gastronomic market, with the urban spirit of the street markets of London or New York. In its 19 specialized stalls you can find cold meats, fruit, beer or taste the creations such as the avant-garde tapas of chef David Delgado.

San Antón Market, in Chueca

From a food market to a reference market for delicatessen products, the Mercado de San Antón combines top quality food, difficult to find in other places in Madrid, with a tapas area and a terrace to enjoy the sun or the moon, at any time of the year, in the heart of the Chueca neighborhood.

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Mercado de la Paz, in the Salamanca Neighborhood

In the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid and since 1882, the Mercado de La Paz, with its impeccable stalls and cozy atmosphere, offers its customers a wide range of products of the highest quality.

Mercado de San Fernando, the market of Lavapiés

The Mercado de San Fernando has re-emerged with an avant-garde and quality bet. Along with traditional market stalls, there are other innovative businesses such as the sale of books by weight, handmade jewelry or a Japanese multi-space where you can taste authentic Japanese food, buy a book or attend a cultural activity.

Antón Martín Market, at Santa Isabel 5

The Plaza de Antón Martín gives its name to this traditional market where you can buy fresh products or taste national and international food. Here you will find the only café in our country where you can taste 150 varieties of cereals.

La Chispería de Chamberí

The Chamberí Market has transformed its central square into a meeting and tasting place for national and international proposals. In its six stalls there is no shortage of Atlantic fish and seafood or Peruvian and Mexican delicacies. Its name pays tribute to the chulapos and chulapas of Chamberí, the chisperos.

Barceló Market

This recent "food market" offers, along with different gastronomic proposals, a varied cultural agenda. You can attend exhibitions and other activities while you decide to buy in their stalls.

Vallehermoso Market

Here you can buy first class products and taste dishes from all over the world. If you can't make up your mind, you can have a Japanese dish for first, an Italian dish for second, or if you prefer, fast food along with traditional snacks such as gildas or torreznos, you decide!

Cortezo Yatai Market

This market takes its name from the popular counterfeit market in Shanghai, the largest in Asia, and offers different Asian specialties such as ramen, Pad Thai, curry, shrimp rice, baos and much more. Travel to Bangkok, Tokyo or Hong Kong without leaving Madrid.

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