Galerías, Salas y Exposiciones


The Region of Madrid cultural proposal is wide, in addition to the big museums, the art lovers will find a big offer of galleries and exhibition centers. 

Art Galleries

More of one hundred art galleries are waiting for you in Madrid, where you will enjoy different expositions, buy an original art piece and meet the best artists of the moment.

The list of art galleries in Madrid is over one hundred. In the following link you can see the most important:

Exhibition Centers

We will present some of the main exhibition centers in the Region of Madrid. Visit cultural agenda and don't miss any event.

Círculo de Bellas Artes: In Alcalá street, near Banco de España, the headquarters of Circle of Fine Arts are located, in a building designed by Antonio Palacios, architect of the Palace of Communications. This cultural private entity was created in 1880, and it is an exponent of the cultural diffusion with international scope. Within this institution, there have been some of the most illustrious artists of the twentieth century, Jacinto Benavente, Carlos Arniches, Picasso o Valle-Inclan. It is characterized by its open mind to the most innovative artistic trends; you will enjoy its expositions, music recitals, poetry, conferences, cycles etc, or the traditional masquerades that are still celebrated nowadays. Do not forget its restaurant and terrace, which are highly recommended during the entire year. Learn more: Círculo de Bellas Artes

Caja de Madrid Foundation "La casa encendida": In Ronda of Valencia n.3, the burning house is more than an exhibition room. It is a social and cultural center, opened and dynamic, where forward styling exhibitions, courses and workshops about the environment or solidarity are hosted, as well as volunteers information spots and endless activities for those who are interested on creating a community. It also has a resources centre (a library, media library, a newspaper archive, a radio, photographic and multimedia laboratory) accessible to everybody, since Spanish Sign-Language interpreters can be booked in order to guide a handicap person. Learn more: La Casa Encendida

Juan March Foundation: It is located in the 77 of the Casteló Street, where we find the headquarters of one of the oldest institutions of the city. The foundation uses part of the resources by supporting the modern art, and sometimes samples of non-art (Japanese, Chinese, etc.). It has been founded in 1955. The Juan March foundation is a familiar institution that develops activities in the fiedls of the humanistic and scientific culture. The foundation organizes art exhibitions, concerts, conferences and seminaries. You can also find there the Spanish Library of Music and Contemporary Theatre opened to researches and to everybody. Learn more: Juan March Foundation

Caixa Forum: Just in the Art Walk, in a modern building designed by the Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron, refurbishing the Old Electric Station of the Noon, one of the few modern industrial buildings that are still preserved in Madrid. Outside we find the vertical courtyard on one side of the main entrance. Caixa Forum was created as a coherent dissemination for everybody, being part of the cultural offering of the close museums. Since 2008 it hosts temporal exhibitions, workshops, conferences, lectures and concerts. Learn more: La Caixa Foundation

Cristal Palace: It is a building from the 19th century located inside the Retiro Park. Nowadays it is part of the exhibition headquarters of the Queen Sofía National Museum Centre of Art, being headquarters of many exhibitions and activities. Learn more: Reina Sofía National Museum

Velázquez Palace: It is one of the exhibition places inside the Retiro, close to the Cristal Palace. It is also part of the headquarters of the Queen Sofía National Museum Centre of Art. It hosts all kinds of exhibitions, recently more modern and contemporary. Learn more: Reina Sofía National Museum

Casa de Vacas: It is the third building inside the Retiro. It name comes from the first use of the building: as a house for cows where newly drawn milk was distributed. After a recent reconstruction, it has become in an exhibitions room. It develops a wide cultural offering that stands out due to the artwork and annually exhibitions, like the Autumn Salon, The Quick Painting Contest or the BMW Painting Award. Moreover, it has an outdoor terrace where we can see sculptures and the Theatre of the Park, a place for 150 people where we can watch all kinds of shows. Learn more: Casa de Vacas

Art and Technology Foundation: It is a place located in the same building of the Telefónica Museum. It has an artistic and technological collection from several periods. The way to get to know it is with a kaleidoscope. The foundation organizes conferences and congresses, temporal art exhibitions, special of works that use the new media. Learn more: Telefónica Foundation

Sala Alcalá 31: Located in the iconic building of Antonio Palacios that was headquarters of the Merchant and Industry Bank. The room is currently located under a huge paved vault and it maintains free exhibitions of contemporary art. It is committed with both young artists and fledged authors, and it is interested on the diversity of languages that characterized the current creation. Learn more: Sala Alcalá 31

House of América (Casa de América): This refurbished palace, located in Cibeles Square, is aimed to disseminate the Ibero-American culture by developing exhibitions of Ibero-american artists, and hosting conferences and activities focused on create bonds between the Hispanic community of Ibero-America and Spain. It is located in a building from the end of the 19th century, ordered by the Marquees of Linares and constructed by the architects Carlos Colubí, Adolf Ombrecht and Manuel Aníbal Álvarez. The permanent collection is composed by tapestry, glasses from Antwerp, lamps, bronzes from Paris and a collection of paintings of artists like Francisco Padilla. Learn more: Casa de América

Cultural Centre Conde Duque: Located in the former military barrack of Conde Duque Street. It is a place dedicated to basic cultural services, among which you can find the historical library, the municipal newspaper archive or the Contemporary Art Museum of Madrid. But we cannot forget that it was a reference when it comes to contemporary art and the preservation of the archive heritage. Currently, the role of Conde Duque is to facilitate the understanding of the historical culture, the culture as knowledge and the education and culture as a way of living. Among the exhibitions organized, the centre hosts the artwork of selected artists in some of the most prestigious national painting contests. Learn more: Cultural Centre Conde Duque

Mapfre Vida Foundation: It is next to the Art Walk. The Mapfre Foundation has a grat collection of paintings (Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Kurt Schwitters, Henri Matisse or Egon Schiele) and photography (Walker Evans, Paul Strand or Eugène Atget). The plan of temporal exhibitions is focused on paintings, sculpture and drawings from the period between the final third of the 19th century until the end of the Second World War. Moreover, there are photography exhibitions of contemporary known artists. Learn more: Mapfre Foundation

Canal de Isabel II Foundation: The water reservoir in Plaza de Castilla is the headquarters of the exhibition room of Canal de Isabel II. Inside there is a modern building where big exhibitions are hosted all over the year, as well as workshops, photography exhibitions, contests, etc. Discover the activities by yourself. Learn more: Canal de Isabel II Foundation

Sala Arte Joven (Young Art Room): Located in Avenida de América, we find a place where the program is focused on promoting young artists from Madrid. It reveals the latest creations and proposals through a program where the main characters are the artists themselves, with a system of contests and exhibitions. The Circuits of Visual Arts stand out. It is hosted every autumn and here young artists from Madrid are promoted. Learn more: Sala Arte Joven

Lazaro Galdiano Foundation: Located next to the museum with the same name in the 122 of the Serrano Street, we find a room focused on temporal exhibitions- Since 2011 a new line of exhibitions called "What is this doing here?" stands out. Here artworks of the permanent exhibition are combined with other collectors by establishing dialogs or creating new ensembles of artworks that will give you different feelings. Learn more:

Sala Canal Isabel II: This unique exhibition hall is hosted inside this ancient former elevated water deposit of 125, Santa Engracia Street. Thanks to his cultural programme, this space is nationally and internationally famous in the world of photography and the image. Learn more: Sala Canal Isabel II

CA2M: Located in Mostoles, this centre is a dynamic arts venue devoted to cutting-edge art. It is home to the Contemporary Art Collection of the Regional Government of Madrid and, at the same time, it organises an ambitious programme of exhibitions, mediation and research, designed to earn it a place among the most advanced arts centres in Europe. Learn more: CA2M