Turismo Madrid

Actividades al Aire Libre

The Region of Madrid not only has museums, shopping areas and urban landscapes, but also has gardens and parks. They are an ideal place where you can enjoy with outdoor activities. Come and discover them!

The outdoors activities offering of the Region of Madrid will not bored you. If you want to, and depending on the time of the year, you can ski in the Guadarrama Range, practice nautical sports in the San Juan Reservoir, or Hiking through the most southern beech of Europe.

Be prepared for a climbing day in the Pedriza or a hiking tour in Las Vegas through some of the green routes, or you might practice ornithological tourism, sign up to the Marathon of Madrid: "San Silvestre Vallecana", practice equestrian tourism, cycle-tourism, night tours and many more things to discover all the corners. Furthermore, the region of Madrid do not only offers museums and culture, but also a wide range of outdoor activities like nigh tours around leisure centers like the Zoo, and of course the richness of the villages and towns, theatre, concerts, or just watch a movie while you watch the stars.

The 15% of our territory is integrated into protected areas, the most important is the National Park of the Guadarrama Range. A good way to get to know this area, created in 2013, is the guided tours program "Punto de encuentro". With this, through the character of "Cuentaparque" (a specialized technician) you can learn the values of the park in four different tours: the forests of Cercedilla and Fuenfría, the geological landscape of la Pedriza, the glacier of Peñalara and the landscapes of the Lozoya Valley. All of this experienced from the point of view of the preservation and respect to this range. So do not hesitate to book it in case you don't have place!

If you want to go on your own, a good starting point is the four visitor centres in La Pedriza, Forgiveness Bridge, Fuenfría Valley and Peñalara. Come and learn more, or ask and book the activities, most of them are for free. If you still need more information, download the Service Guide of the National Park. It gives you information about accommodations, restaurants, event companies or museums and visitor centers.

With these activities you cannot miss the National Park. You can even go by bus that travels around the outskirts area. It has guided tours in English and Spanish.

Besides the National Park, Madrid also has many natural areas where you can practice outdoors activities. The Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rincón, Sierra Norte, the Regional Parks, the Natural Reserves or the Natural Places of Interest. All the areas have many event companies that will make you enjoy nature in a different way, always adapting to your preferences.

Discover the Northern Range with the train Translozoya, that starting in the Chamartín station will travel around the main towns of the area.

The Western Range is also interesting. You can practice Nautical Tourism combined with other activities like Wine Tourism or Birding.

Activities to Release Adrenaline

The escalade has a preferential place in the Region of Madrid and you can practice the different modalities at all levels. Areas like La Pedriza, the Cañón de Uceda, Patones, the San Juan Reservoir or San Lorenzo de El Escorial offer climbing areas just in the middle of Nature.

There are many areas where you can practice Multiadventure: snow sports, hiking, birding, horse-riding, caving, zip line, paintball, archery, 4x4 routes, golf, etc. Among all the activities we highlight the paragliding. You can practice it in the Cabrera Range. Come and enjoy the air and Nature of the Region of Madrid!


Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid