Occupying a small valley facing north, between two foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, rural tourism has revitalized Canencia as it has a privileged environment, ideal for a day in the mountains. 

The municipality of Canencia is located in the basin of the Lozoya River, between two foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama: Mata de los Ladrones and Peña Gorda. Among the places of interest is the Parish of Santa María del Castillo, of Gothic style, which is listed as of National Interest.

The constructions and traditional trades have left their mark in Canencia, the visitor will be able to contemplate the Potro de herrar, construction that was used to shoe horses and oxen for farming, or the Fuente Cantarranas that brings to the surface the subway water of the aquifers of Canencia that comes from the very heart of the mountain range.

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From Puerto de Canencia there are innumerable trails for hiking. Among one of these pine forests in the area is also the Puerto de Canencia Recreational Area, equipped with everything you need to spend a great day in the mountains (tables, benches, garbage containers, fountains, trails and parking area).

In the surroundings of Canencia you can visit three medieval bridges: the Puente Canto, with two arches arranged asymmetrically; the Puente de las Cadenas, very narrow and with a single arch; and the Puente de Matafrailes, with a single, high eye.


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