Montejo de la Sierra


Known for being home to one of the southernmost beech forests in Spain, whose autumn colors delight visitors, although it is worth visiting in any season and also treasures many other attractions. 

Montejo de la Sierra gives its name to the beech forest that was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2005. It should not be concealed that the natural attraction is the highlight of Montejo and the Sierra del Rincón in general. The beech forest can be visited through its three trails that run through its interior: the Senda del Río (River Trail), the Senda de la Ladera and the Senda del Mirador.

The artistic heritage of Montejo has its maximum expression in the religious buildings: the church of San Pedro, is the main one, of baroque style was built in the XVI and XVII centuries and the hermitage of the Soledad of the XVII century in the nucleus of the town. One kilometer from the town center is the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Nazaret (from the 14th century) which is the area where the village was originally developed in the Middle Ages.

If we walk through the village, you can also observe the ancient ways of life, finding livestock huts, a horseshoe colt, a wood oven, an old mill, etc.. You can follow an urban route designed by the City Council of Montejo so that you do not miss any of its corners.

If you want to spend a day with the family, there is a recreational area in the middle of nature from which there are many trails. Enjoy the trails inside and outside the Biosphere Reserve, take a bike ride or sign up for an environmental education activity.


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