Sierra de la Cabrera


The Sierra de la Cabrera is one of the most important massifs of the Sierra de Guadarrama. It is located north of the municipality of the same name and east of Valdemanco, is accessible from the A-1 (Madrid-Burgos), at kilometer 60.


Given its easy access, we can discover the seven municipalities surrounding this promontory, Bustarviejo, Cabanillas de la Sierra, La Cabrera, Lozoyuela-Navas-Siete Iglesias, Navalafuente, Valdemanco and Venturada, where the important livestock tradition is combined with the rural landscape, the pastures of collective use, the fenced meadows, the horseshoeing colts, the cattle trails and of course its roads and paths.

From the municipality of Venturada, we invite you to know the region of the Sierra Norte. Located in a natural watchtower, you can see almost completely the basin of the Guadalix river and the fertile plain of Torrelaguna. We recommend a visit to the historical-artistic site of the city.


Next, we reach Cabanillas de la Sierra and Navalafuente in the less high and flatter areas with beautiful meadows of oaks.

As a tourist route you can make the Toro, which surrounds the town, to enjoy an environment of unique beauty and magnificent views of the mountains.