Mad Rural Vegas Region

This region is perfect for nature lovers and rural areas, as its many charming villages located in an idyllic setting will make you enjoy as never before.

We will start our route from the town of Aranjuez, where we will take the detour to Ciempozuelos of the A-4, between the plain and the plateau there is a contrast in nature, the first immersed in the Parque Regional del Sureste, and the second populated by scrubland and salt. A spectacle worth seeing.

We will continue to Titulcia. Its natural environment runs between the rivers Jarama and Tajuña, and is mostly integrated in the Southeast Regional Park. Before leaving this road, we will head towards San Martín de la Vega. Enjoy its natural and monumental heritage and we assure you that you will repeat.

We will take the M-302 towards Morata de Tajuña and continue along the same road to Perales de Tajuña.

We will take the M-204 and keep it until we reach Tielmes, where the lush vegetation makes this town one of the best in the region for hiking and nature tourism. Then, we will take the M-224 to Valdilecha. Of its heritage, the Church of San Martín Obispo, from the 13th century, stands out. We must take the M-221 to Villar del Olmo. In this town there are two signposted routes that will allow you to discover all the nooks and crannies of its living nature. Following the M-204, we will arrive at Ambite, we will stop in Orusco de Tajuña and later we will arrive at Carabaña. This wonderful town has a rich heritage from many eras, and you will be able to see the passage of time as you walk through its streets.

Next, we will take the M-221 to Brea de Tajo and Estremera. which can be enjoyed in many ways, and one of the most beautiful is through its nature trails for hiking and biking. Taking the M-222 we will stop in Valdaracete. It is necessary to take the M-230 to reach our next destination, Fuentidueña de Tajo, its Santiago Castle dominates the landscape.

Then we arrive at Villamanrique de Tajo, you can enjoy its Ecological Path, which runs through the area.

Our next destination is Villarejo de Salvanés, you will be surprised by the 13th century castle. If we take the M-404 our next stop will be in Belmonte de Tajo. The street of the Cuesta de la Grilla, will take us to Valdelaguna. Do not forget to taste their wines, some of its wineries are within the designation of origin Wines of Madrid. We will finish our tour taking the M-316 to Chinchón, and then the M-305 to reach Villaconejos.

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