The natural environment of Villamantilla is very valuable. Located on the banks of the river Perales and with a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) called "Encinares de los ríos Alberche y Cofio". You can visit its surroundings following one of the many routes that start from the municipality.
The main example of Villamantilla's artistic heritage is the parish church of San Miguel Arcángel, from the 16th century. The latest reforms carried out in the building have allowed to recover much of its past appearance: an old entrance under the belfry and a new hole in the bell tower, where a fifth bell has been placed, have been left uncovered.

The agricultural tradition of the municipality also allows us to observe the remains of a mill from 1636. Of this mill there are still two wells built with stone ashlars where the water that moved the machinery flowed. Less than a kilometer away there is a small dam of little height built with masonry and reinforced with buttresses.


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