Aldea del Fresno


The municipality is also included in a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). The environment is ideal for outdoor activities. In Safari Madrid you can admire giraffes, elephants, lions and others from the car.

The most significant examples of the artistic heritage of Aldea del Fresno can be found in the Tower of the Church of San Pedro Apóstol, the Arab Waterwheel and the El Santo Farm. The Church Tower is from the 18th century, has a square floor plan, is built with ashlar and has two sections. In the vicinity of the Church, on the bank of the Perales River, are the ruins of the Arab Noria, whose construction was built on an irregular masonry plinth from which another body of the same material was built, reinforced at the corners with exposed brick.

In the interior of La Granja El Santo, the oldest element is the Hermitage of San Saturio from the 14th century and catalogued as of Regional Historical and Artistic Interest.


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