Miraflores de la Sierra


Legend has it that when Queen Isabel de Borbón passed through the town, she was impressed by the amount of flowers and exclaimed: "Look at the flowers!" Nature and artistic heritage are its main tourist attractions.

Nature and artistic heritage are among the main attractions of Miraflores. The main activities that can be carried out while in contact with the natural environment are hiking, cycling or horseback riding, multi-adventure and air sports such as hang gliding and paragliding.

In relation to the artistic heritage, it is worth mentioning the Church and the Grotto of Our Lady of Begoña. The Miraflores Church dates back to the 15th century but has undergone renovations throughout history. At present it has the tower, the presbytery and transept, three naves, two porticoes and a series of chapels attached to both sides of the aisles. Inside the church there is a baptismal font from 1492. La Gruta is a very welcoming place founded in 1952 by Julián Reyzábal Delgado, a devotee of Our Lady of Begoña and also of Miraflores de la Sierra.

Other samples of the municipality's heritage are found in the many existing fountains, among them is the emblematic Fuente Nueva -built in 1791 and successor of an old fountain from the 15th century-. Also worth a visit is the Town Hall, located in an arcaded building with eight columns and crowned with a narrow tower with a clock.


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