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Castillo de Manzanares

Very close to La Pedriza, at the foothills of Sierra de Guadarrama, discover one of the best preserved treasures in the Region: The Castle of Manzanares El Real. Walk through the various halls and rooms and let yourself be taken on a journey into the past with its dramatized visits, what are you waiting for to live it?

Built in 1475, over a Mudejar Romanesque chapel dedicated to Santa Maria de la Nava, the palace-fortress of the Mendoza Family is nowadays the best preserved castle in the Region of Madrid.

This important example of 15th Century Spanish military architecture in the Elizabethan Gothic-style, was initially conceived as a fortress but quickly turned into the residential palace of the Mendoza family.

The castle has been restored several times in the 20th Century. In 2005, thanks to renovation works carried out by the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the art collections were restored and a museum (Centro de Interpretación) was created to house a new Audiovisual Room and permanent exhibition halls. Come to know the castle, walk through its halls and enjoy its location from where you can view the Santillana reservoir and enjoy panoramic views of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain ridge.

Meet two of the characters that inhabited the Castle

Get to meet Mr. Pedro de Zuñiga y Salcedo and Ms. Isabel Asensio, two of the characters that inhabited the Castle in the 17th Century. Tours in Spanish guided by actors dressing in Renaissance costumes are offered both on weekends, and on demand. Actors perform a play written for the occasion, in which history and fiction mix to explain the artistic content of the rooms. One of the two daily performances of the weekend has adapted its libretto for children. 

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Image credits: Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid