Turismo Madrid

Lo alternativo esta de moda

Enjoy the best festivals and musical contests in the capital. Do not miss Fringe, one of the most audacity festivals of performing arts and music. You will find the most alternative environment, the most daring performances and the most intense theatre. Everything is included in the incomparable framework of “El Matadero”, the contemporary center of creation that you will not get tired of visiting.

Or either visit the Zinc Shower if you want to be updated of the most novel, stimulating and transformational thinking. With the impulse of Cultural and Creative Industries, more than 100 speakers and many assistants, it is one of the most novel brain storming places. Moreover, reflection on new technologies, creativity celebration and open innovation are also taking place. If these concepts are of your interest, you cannot miss this mind festival.

And if you love new things, drop over Mulafest, the urban trends festival of Madrid. Walk around its music, tattoos, garage, street food, skate, theatre and cinema halls, and you will find the latest things, together with the main protagonists on the international scene. The underground is vibrant than ever before in this tendency space.

Furthermore, in Mulafest you will find a living place, which brings the best skate bmx, life style, etc. just in front of you! It is a unique opportunity to drop over and enjoy.