We Will Rock You


This musical co-produced by Brian May, guitarist of the rock band Queen, pays homage to this famous musical group through a peculiar futuristic story. 

The story is set in a dystopian future where music has been banned. Killer Queen is responsible for a society in which everyone is equal and any sign of originality or artistic creation is punished. But there are some rebels who defy repression as they await the arrival of the Dreamer, Galileo, a leader who will bring back music through rock and play a decisive role in restoring freedom.

The story of one of the most world-renowned bands in the history of music awaits you in this unique stage adaptation. Great Queen classics will be played and fans of the band will find a multitude of historical references.

You can enjoy it at La Estación - Gran Teatro CaixaBank Príncipe Pío.

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Image credits:©We Will Rock You, the musical