La Despensa de Madrid, the itinerant market of Alimentos de Madrid 2024, is back

Organized by the Region of Madrid, this market of local products, now in its twelfth edition, travels through 20 municipalities of the region on weekends until October, from 10:00 to 14:30.

In its 15 individual tents, designed according to the graphic line of promotion of M Producto Certificado, different participating companies will exhibit and sell their products, allowing visitors to know first-hand the best agri-food offers of the region.

Among the most outstanding products of the market are olives, meat, beer, chocolate, preserves, pies, vegetables, eggs, legumes, liqueurs, jams, honey, bread, pastries, sausages, cheese, vermouth, oils and wines with denomination of origin. In addition, organic production will have a prominent presence, reflecting the commitment to sustainability and quality.

The Alimentos de Madrid 2024 traveling market is not only an opportunity to enjoy fresh, quality products, but also to connect with producers, learn their stories and learn about their production processes. This traveling market is a celebration of local gastronomy and an invitation to discover the unique flavors of the Region of Madrid.

La Despensa de Madrid will once again become a meeting point between producers and consumers, promoting the culture of good food and the appreciation of local products. The event is a must for anyone who values quality, sustainability and the authentic taste of Madrid's products.

More information: La Despensa de Madrid 

Image: La Despensa de Madrid©