Rascafría Finnish Forest

Within the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama and one hour from the capital, is the Finnish Forest of Rascafría, named after the great resemblance with the Finnish forests.

Located in the municipality of Rascafría, this forest is impressive at all times of the year. In winter it is usually snowy and with frozen waters; in autumn the golden and ocher colors of the treetops stand out, giving the forest a fairytale touch; in summer it is cool and cozy under the green layer of its trees; and in spring life is making its way after the winter and you can enjoy all its splendor.

There are many types of trees that can be found here, but the poplars, birches and firs typical of northern Europe and specifically of Finland stand out. In addition, water is the other protagonist of the environment, with the lake and the pier as protagonists.

It is accessed by the famous Bridge of Forgiveness and you must walk the so-called Paper Road, which was the path that the monks used to use from the monastery to the Paper Mill. Although it is currently in ruins, it is worth the effort to go through it, since it was there that the sheets used to print the edition of the first part of Don Quixote were created.

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Image: Sierra Norte Madrid