All Saints' Day

November 1 is All Saints' Day, a day when cemeteries are filled with flowers left by loved ones on tombs, niches and pantheons.

Many of Madrid's cemeteries are part of the city's cultural and artistic heritage, such as the Panteón de España, where nineteenth-century personalities such as Cánovas, Canalejas, Dato or Sagasta are buried.

Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery is the largest necropolis in Madrid, where important figures of Spanish history are buried; the Crypt of La Almudena Cathedral is a neo-Romanesque church with 400 columns dedicated to the cult of the patron saint of Madrid; and it is also important to visit the oldest preserved cemetery in Madrid, the San Isidro Cemetery.

It is also a must to visit the unique British Cemetery, owned by the British government and originally created to bury the English citizens who lived in Madrid; the Saint Justo Cemetery, which has great architectural value; and the Florida Cemetery, where some of the heroes of May 2, 1808 are buried.

In addition, this festivity has a delicious variety of typical sweets that are worth trying. The “buñuelos de viento” are an exquisite snack in the shape of a small ball filled with cream, pastry cream, “cabello de ángel”, dulce de leche, chocolate, truffle, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc. Another typical sweet that you cannot miss is the "huesos de santo", a marzipan elaboration in the shape of a small basket filled with dulce de yema (egg yolk jam).

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Image: Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery©