The 18th edition of the Suma Flamenca festival arrives

Starting tomorrow, October 17 and until November 5, the 18th edition of the Flamenco Festival of the Community of Madrid will be held. Under the slogan "Crisol Flamenco", artists from all over the world will gather at the Teatros del Canal and other venues in the Community of Madrid around flamenco, culture, popular customs, etc.

The Suma Flamenca program will host 40 shows starring top artists such as Estrella Morente, guitarist Rafael Riqueni, Eva Yerbabuena, José el de la Tomasa and Arcángel, among others.

They are joined by Juan Habichuela Nieto, Trinidad Jiménez, Nino de los Reyes and Manuel Liñán, who this year 2023 embody the Flamenco melting pot referred to in the festival's slogan and in whose shows the public will find concepts such as classicism, improvisation, avant-garde, duende and compás.

As a prelude to Suma Flamenca, from September 21 to 24, the Suma Flamenca Joven cycle has been held, which has hosted a sample of concert guitarists, singers and dancers under 30 years old.

More information: XVIII Festival Flamenco de la Comunidad de Madrid - Suma Flamenco

Image: Suma Flamenca