Two villages to visit in autumn: Patones de Arriba and Nuevo Baztán

Autumn is here and with its arrival the desire to make plans typical of this time of year intensifies. The characteristic golden color, the mild temperatures and the lower influx of tourists, make autumn the ideal time to enjoy discovering villages in the Region of Madrid.

We start the route in Patones de Arriba, one of the most beautiful villages of Madrid, and that is only 60 km from the capital! It seems that time has not passed through its streets, houses and corners. It is precisely the houses, or rather their color, which attracts the attention of the visitor, because the so-called black architecture is very present in Patones de Arriba. This is due to the fact that the houses are built of slate, which gives them their characteristic color. Another curiosity of this town is that until the eighteenth century they had their own king, the result of a kind of hereditary mayor.

Today it is possible to find in its streets restaurants, stores with local products, rural houses, workshops, artisans ... In addition, nestled in the Sierra Norte, the historic center of Patones de Arriba was declared of Cultural Interest in 1999 and is the perfect place for a getaway this fall.

Now we give you another option. This is Nuevo Baztán, a town whose origin dates back to the eighteenth century and was declared of Cultural Interest in 2000. Its industrial past as the seat of hat factories, glass, fur, silk and wool looms has been impregnated in its buildings and streets.

The Palace, the Church, the factory buildings and the Plaza Mayor or Garden Square, the Market Square and the Plaza de las Fiestas are some of its most recognizable enclaves.

Throughout the town, you can also find the mark of the most important architect of the eighteenth century, José Benito de Churriguera, who was the creator of the urban center declared "Conjunto Histórico Artístico" and "Bien de Interés Cultural" by the Community of Madrid.

Without a doubt, visiting Nuevo Baztán is the perfect getaway for this fall.

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Image: Patones de Arriba