Madrid Urban Fest 2023

Urban culture and rhythms come to the capital with the celebration of the third edition of Madrid Urban Fest. This festival, organized by the Community of Madrid, brings together concerts and a wide range of activities around urban culture and the fast pace of the Millenial, Z and Alpha generations.

Madrid Urban Fest, which runs from September 8 to 23, brings together artists such as Sofia Gabanna, K1ZA, Deva, Vivi K, Sara Socas, Erika Dos Santos and Insert Soul, Shoda Monkas, DL Blando, Teo Lucadamo, Antony Z and Tony Anzis.

It also pays tribute to the poet, philosopher and rapper Gata Cattana with the screening of Eterna, a documentary that tells the life of this Cordovan shooting star who died in 2017 at the age of 25.

Exhibitions, workshops, debates around new technologies, DJ sessions are some of the many other activities that are framed within Madrid Urban Fest 2023, a festival focused on enjoyment, emotion, learning.

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Image: Madrid Urban Fest