El Escorial International Summer Festival

On August 4th, the International Summer Festival begins in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, which will flood the summer nights of this special enclave in Madrid with music, art, theatre and dance.

The extensive and complete programme begins with the performance on August 4th of the tenor Juan Diego Flórez; it will continue with the Spanish premiere of the Portuguese band The Gift; and will continue with Carlos Ares, who mixes folk and electronic music. In addition, FIVE will take to the streets with the dance show Perseids, by Dos Proposiciones Danza-Teatro, and the jazz concert by the Madrid band Racalmunto.

These are just some of the artists who will bring music, theatre and art to the third edition of the El Escorial International Summer Festival, which will take place from August 4th to 26th in the Teatro Auditorio and the Real Coliseo Carlos III in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, as well as in the streets of the town.

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Image: © El Escorial International Summer Festival