Gastronomic plans in the sierra of Madrid

Discovering the Region of Madrid means not only being dazzled by its splendid landscapes, cities, towns, villages and monuments. Madrid is a region rich in local gastronomy that is well worth discovering and, above all, tasting. And if there is one place where gastronomic plans abound, it is the northern mountains of the Region of Madrid.

Are you ready to take note of some gastronomic plans that you shouldn't miss if you visit?

  1. Enjoy a good wine. The route through the winery allows you to get to know the vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting. In addition to the magnificent views, with this experience you will be able to taste the wine of El Molar in Madrid, very famous for its high quality.
  2. Sweeten your taste buds with honey. The local honey from the Sierra is well known and is used, not only for direct consumption, but also to make all kinds of desserts, sweets, cheeses... It is also commonly found in salads or sauces that accompany different meats.
  3. Cheese producers' route. If, apart from good food, you enjoy learning about cheese making, this is the plan for you! You can take some of the routes available to get to know the local cheese producers in the northern mountains of Madrid. As well as discovering how an artisan product is created and how it is produced in a sustainable way, preserving the natural environment and animal welfare.

We are sure that some of these three proposals for gastronomic plans have whetted your appetite and made you want to discover the northern mountains of Madrid through gastronomy and local products.

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Image: © Sierra Norte Madrid