Madrid celebrates one more year the Pride Party


From June 23 to July 2, Madrid hosts MADO, a festival to celebrate, discuss and showcase diversity.


Madrid, once again this year, will be a meeting point for thousands of people celebrating the biggest Pride in Europe, from Friday June 23rd to Sunday July 2nd. With an extensive program of protest, cultural and recreational activities, the streets and squares of Madrid will be dyed again with the colors of all the flags of the collective, all identities and all sensitivities to claim and celebrate the LGTBIQ+ Pride.

MADO, which has an extensive program of lectures, conferences, sports competitions and concerts, will hold one more year, the Madrid Summit (International Conference on Human Rights), as well as various cultural activities.

On Wednesday, June 28, the MADO 2023 Proclamation will take place in Pedro Zerolo Square. This is International Pride Day, which commemorates the "Stonewall Rebellion" of June 28, 1969, a response of the LGTBI community in New York City to police violence against people who freely expressed their sexual orientation and gender identity, and which was the beginning of a global movement for the rights of LGTBIQ+ people.

The statewide demonstration, culminating these celebrations, will take place on Saturday, July 1. This march runs along one of the main roads of the city, from Atocha to Colón, to urge tolerance and equality towards the LGTBIQ+ collective, in a festive atmosphere with more than 50 floats and music.

More information: Madrid Orgullo 2023 

Image credits: ©Juan Tejada