Photographic exhibition "Tradition and festivities in the land of Cervantes".


Until September 17, the Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes hosts the temporary exhibition 'Tradition and festivities in the land of Cervantes', which invites us to contemplate how festive customs have been lived for centuries.

 This exhibition is an invitation to contemplate the way in which festive customs have been lived for centuries throughout the Spanish geography. A territory brilliantly described by Miguel de Cervantes in his texts, with great strength and truth, thanks in large part to an eventful and traveled life through which he knew firsthand a great diversity of places and people, with their ancestral traditions and festive moments. Likewise, the contrasts, excesses, moments of joy and also of sadness that accompany the festivities are exposed.

The same atmosphere that illuminated the writings of the author from Alcalá, inspires the work of the seven great photographers who have collaborated in this exhibition: Juanjo Albarrán, Carmenchu Alemán, Cristina García Rodero, Benito Román, Carlos González Ximénez, Andrés Marín and Rubén Martín-Benito, who have selected 71 works in which their cameras have captured the most intense moments of the traditions and celebrations of the people in villages, towns, villages and cities throughout the land of Cervantes.

'Tradition and festivities in the land of Cervantes' is an exhibition that not only allows us to learn about the traditions and popular festivities of the region, but also contributes to preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of this area of Spain.


More information: Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes

Image credits: ©Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes