Exhibition ¨REGIÓN. Paisaje, fotografía y patrimonio¨


Until 7th May, the exhibition room El Águila is hosting ¨REGIÓN. Paisaje, fotografía y patrimonio¨ (Landscape, photography and heritage), a collection that presents a unique and singular journey through the cultural landscape of the Region of Madrid.

This exhibition is the result of a historic photographic mission carried out by 17 photographers during almost six months of travelling around the 179 municipalities of Madrid and the 21 districts of the capital. Its aim: to capture the diversity of the region's natural and urban landscapes and how its people and customs have shaped the identity of each place. 

The project MISIÓN REGIÓN has built up a collection of 1.990 photographs that are now part of the regional archive of the Region of Madrid. Of the 2.000 photographs taken by these 33 artists, the exhibition displays around 200, which form part of a common project that has attempted to generate a photographic fiction in which they all look like the same photographer.

REGIÓN is a window onto the natural and urban landscapes of Madrid: its mountain villages and its neighbourhoods between roads, its cultivated fields and its streets frequented by thousands of tourists. A walk from the Zarzuela Racecourse to the transfer of the May in Ambite, from the Palace of Aranjuez to a hunters' refuge in La Hiruela, all these landscapes keep our history and speak of what we are now.

Moreover, at El Águila, visitors can take part in family workshop-visits where they can discover, in a fun and participative way, the result of this unique photographic mission. There is also a programme of guided tours for groups and adults, which invite visitors to discover our artistic vision, focusing on how we interpret, transform and inhabit the different landscapes that surround us.

More information: Actividades Patrimonio Comunidad de Madrid 

Image credits: ©Comunidad de Madrid