Exposición ¨Bowie Taken by Duffy¨


Until 25th June 2023, the Espacio COAM, located at the headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Madrid, is hosting the international premiere of a unique exhibition: ¨Bowie Taken by Duffy¨.

This innovative exhibition celebrates the work of the maverick and legendary British photographer Brian Duffy alongside one of the most influential and talented musicians in history: David Bowie. 

Duffy and Bowie collaborated for almost a decade during which the photographer managed to capture David Bowie in one of his most chameleonic, productive, explosive and genuine periods, in which the artist explored diverse visual boundaries and personalities, creating a cultural icon. In total, they worked together on five photo shoots and three album covers that produced the images for the albums Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, Lodger and Scary Monsters, visual dramatisations that illuminate the history of pop culture.

Bowie Taken by Duffy" brings together the results of the five photo shoots that brought the two geniuses together, as well as previously unreleased videos, interviews, video clips and more than 160 objects, many of which will be shown to the general public for the first time, including one of the jewels of the collection: the original Aladdin Sane Dye Transfer print, the only original copy of Bowie's famous album image.

The exhibition is organised by Sold Out and Nomad Exhibitions and is curated by the photographer's son, Chris Duffy.

More Information: Bowie Taken By Duffy

Image credits: ©Bowie Taken By Duffy