Almond trees in blossom at Quinta de los Molinos


Between February and March, more than a thousand of almond trees in the Quinta de los Molinos park are in bloom, making it a floral spectacle and a great attraction for visitors.

Located at Alcalá Street, 257, the Quinta de los Molinos park becomes a natural phenomenon every year at this time of year, and it is advisable to visit it as soon as possible, as it usually lasts between two and three weeks.

This gift for the senses reminds us that spring is making its way when the first white and pink flowers begin to cover the branches of the almond trees that can be visited along the large extensions of trees, in which we can also find a large number of specimens such as olive trees, pines or eucalyptus, although, without a doubt, the star of the garden at this time of year are the almond trees.

The almond trees can be found all over the estate but the most popular ones are next to the secondary entrance on Calle Alcalá, next to the metro station at the Suanzes stop and those at the west entrance on Calle Miami. 

This garden for public use, whose origin is a rustic urban recreational estate with agricultural areas and a marked Mediterranean character, also has buildings and architecture declared to be of high interest. The park also has the Quinta de los Molinos Open Space, a cultural space designed specifically for children and teenagers and their families.

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Image credit: ©Vivvi Smak. Shutterstock.