Central de Diseño in Matadero Madrid hosts the exhibition "Serena Maisto. Levels of Emotion"


From February 14th until March 3th 2023, visitors will be able to enjoy "Serena Maisto. Levels of Emotion", the first retrospective exhibition of the Swiss artist Serena Maisto in which she recounts her artistic journey over the last twenty years.

With this exhibition, which forms part of ARCO's GUEST programme and has the support of the Swiss Embassy in Spain, Matadero Madrid's Central de Diseño becomes a timeless place that hosts an artistic journey in which the multifaceted Serena Maisto recounts her life.

The brushstrokes, materials and different techniques used in her works, bring out shared feelings and dialogue with the art of great icons of abstract expressionism, pop art, and graffiti such as Pollock, Warhol and Basquiat.

Curated by Linda Santaguida, art curator and founder of Maison L'Art, the exhibition 'Serena Maisto. Levels of Emotion' is characterized by her careful work on photographs, her great skill in painting, and the waves of colour that invade the canvas, while at the same time, demonstrating her emotions and feelings. 

On Thursday February 16th, the opening event with the artist will take place, and, in parallel to the exhibition, the "Maison L'Art Laboratory" workshops will be held aimed at children so that they can experiment and learn about the "action painting" technique. Through these activities Maison L'Art LAB aims to encourage the development of each child's creativity.


More information at:  DIMAD

Image credits: ©DIMAD