Madrid Fusion Alimentos de España 2023


IFEMA Madrid is getting ready to host the 21st edition of the Madrid Fusión Food from Spain congress, the most important gastronomic fair of the year, from 23 to 25 January.

Pavilion 14 of the capital's exhibition centre will host this new event with the best gastronomy and haute cuisine in the world. Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España returns with high expectations after the resounding success of its last edition, which attracted more than 16,000 visitors and more than 1,000 congress participants.

For this year's event, the slogan "Sin límites-No limits" has been chosen, which expresses the great scope and international relevance of this congress. An extensive programme designed to respond to the realities, novelties and challenges of the sector, with special emphasis on the sensory experience, has been prepared to make haute cuisine the star of the trade fair days.

Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España brings together renowned chefs from our cuisine, such as Dabiz Muñoz, who was present at the last edition and will be back this year; from other corners of the world, such as James Knappett, with his urban cuisine from the United Kingdom, and promising new chefs, such as Pedro Aguilera, recognised as Revelation Chef 2022 at the last edition of the congress.

This year's proposal aims to showcase great gastronomic spaces around the world. The programme kicks off on the 23rd with an inaugural conference, "Welcome Madrid Fusión Food from Spain 2023", at 09:45 h. in the auditorium of the venue. Other talks, workshops, tastings and numerous activities will follow, with a wide range of content, such as a presentation entitled "High mountain cuisine", a workshop entitled "The cuisine of Generation Z: how young Z's relate to gastronomy and cuisine", and a tasting of national wines from Tenerife.

Among the most outstanding speakers are internationally renowned chefs such as Poul Andrias Ziska from the Faroe Islands, Takayoshi Watanabe from Japan and Konstantin Filippou from Austria.

Check out the extensive programme, don't miss this panopticon tour of haute cuisine from around the world with its most important protagonists, live Madrid Fusion Food from Spain!


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