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Snow in Sierra de Guadarrama


In May, Sierra de Guadarrama offers various leisure and free time activities, ideal to enjoy with family or friends. Two of these proposals are ¨Naturaleza Animal en Familia¨ and ¨Yincana de Supervivencia en la Sierra¨. 

¨Nature Animal in Family¨ is an activity with which you can decipher the flora and fauna that inhabits the Sierra de Madrid, through observation and analysis, you can learn about curiosities, characteristics and customs.

Through a guided route through the municipality of El Boalo, we will increase our knowledge about the nature that surrounds us and that inhabits the Sierra de Guadarrama. There will also be an interpretative activity in the municipality of Moralzarzal.

At 10:00 a.m. attendees should arrive at the meeting point ready to dedicate the morning to a very special route. It is a circular route of approximately 3 km in length, of low difficulty and lasting 3 hours, ideal for the whole family, who will be able to enjoy unbeatable views of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The Survival Gymkhana in the Sierra is designed for all ages, and it will recreate different situations in which participants will acquire basic survival concepts by applying them in a totally practical way: water filtration, use of ropes or construction of a shelter, among other skills.

A low difficulty activity in which we will have to work as a team to overcome the treasure hunt. Tests of direct contact with nature, ingenuity and problem-solving, with which to encourage the development of divergent thinking, creativity and resolution, as well as boosting self-control and self-confidence.

The activity will start at 11:00 h. in the Urbanización Las Praderas, in Cerceda, sheltered by the mountains of Madrid, and will last 2 hours.

In both activities participants will be accompanied by a professional guide at all times and should be equipped for the adventure: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, water, snacks and, of course, a camera to immortalize the moment!

Enjoy this genuine activity and feel the direct contact with nature.


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Image credits: Sierra de Guadarrama © José Ramiro Laguna. Shutterstock