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"Uncovered. Selected works from The Howard Greenberg Gallery"


Until 24 July, the Canal Foundation is hosting the exhibition "Uncovered. Selected Works from The Howard Greenberg Gallery", an exhibition of more than 100 exclusive photographs from the famous New York collection. read on!

The history of photography is embedded in the history of the 20th century. This collection of 111 photographs by more than 60 masters of this emerging art form over the last century bears witness to this. Names such as Robert Capa, Bruce Davidson and William Eggleston, among others, are present in this exhibition, a synthesis of recent photographic milestones.

The Howard Greenberg Gallery is based in New York and is one of the most ambitious and important photographic archives in the Western world. Greenberg, a photographer by profession, has amassed an archive of more than 30,000 images bearing the signatures of their authors, all of them leading figures in the art of photography.

The exhibition has been curated by Anne Morín and allows us to contextualise the photographic art of the last century according to its place and circumstances of origin. In addition, the exhibition itself makes it possible to superimpose and compare dispersed works which, nevertheless, give an overall view when viewed side by side. In this way, the exhibition enriches the visitor's vision, configuring an artistic map of the photographic profession and, furthermore, narrating our most recent history.

The exhibition is installed in the Sala Mateo Inurria 2 of the Canal Foundation, its headquarters next to Plaza de Castilla. The exhibition is free of charge and the organisation also offers a virtual visit through its website. This format allows a digital approach that recreates a real visit to the museum, so that the viewer can read and approach each photograph and its caption.


More information: “Al Descubierto. Obras seleccionadas de The Howard Greenberg Gallery”

Image Credits: Selected workds © The Howard Greenberg Gallery