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Madrid Metal poster


The CentroCentro cultural space is hosting the exhibition ¨Madrid Metal. Una historia ilustrada de los 80¨, which pays tribute to the most rock and metal Madrid through different illustrations, drawings and vignettes. 

Curated by Miguel B. Nuñez and Tevi de la Torre, the gallery exhibits the concepts that defined the Madrid heavy scene in the 1980s and features the participation of all these artists: Roberta Vázquez, Genie Espinosa, Berto Fojo, Alexis Nolla, Luís Pérez Calvo, Cinta Arribas, Felipe Almendros, Joaquín Secall, Carmen Casado, Cristina Spanò, Curro Suárez, Rut Pedreño, Rata Satán, Núria Just, Bea Fiteni and Lorenzo Montatore.            

Despite having very different backgrounds and very personal styles, they all coincide in their passion for music and their curiosity to unravel the socio-cultural situation of the time from today's perspective.  

Through their works, they portray what some Madrid neighbourhoods such as Tetuán, Aluche, Hortaleza, Vicálvaro or Vallecas were like back then, as well as emblematic places such as the Rastro, the record shops, the basement of Moncloa or the famous rock club ¨El Canci¨, where young people with long hair, leather jackets and tight trousers used to meet to listen to music and exchange records.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Madrid Metal wants to give prominence to what it considers to be the most important thing about that period: the memories of those who lived through it. Through the testimony of the young people of the time, the exhibition illustrates the transcendence of the heavy metal music movement that took place in the capital, its intrahistory and the collective imaginary that it created. 

Come to the fourth floor of the CentroCentro cultural centre and enjoy this exhibition free of charge, where you can immerse yourself in the Madrid of the 80s, when music meant everything: youth and identity.


More information: “Madrid Metal. Una historia ilustrada de los 80”