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ICONS, the Steve McCurry exhibition


The headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Madrid hosts until February 13 "ICONS", a major retrospective of the prestigious photographer Steve McCurry, one of the greatest exponents of this modern art. Read on!

The exhibition is an authentic journey through the life and work of the American photographer. More than 100 large-format photographs make up the bulk of this exhibition, which is also complemented by videos and writings that deal with themes of his personal and professional facets.

McCurry has won countless awards and recognitions, such as the Robert Capa Gold Medal, the National Press Photographers Award, a major photojournalism award, or the World Press Photo, in which McCurry has won first prize on four occasions.

The exhibition contains some of the artist's most famous photographs, such as "Sharbat Gula", the portrait of the Afghan girl Sharbat that he took in 1984, a photograph that was on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985. Other famous captures that can be seen are "Rabari Tribal Elder", "Kashmiri Man with Henna Beard" and "Rabari Tribal Elder", among many others.

The exhibition unveils the photographer's career, his successes and his great technique, in which his way of photographing and capturing moments for posterity is surprising. The photographs have been taken in places as diverse as Afghanistan, India, Africa, Cuba and Italy.

Do not miss this great opportunity to see all these photographs in the same space, travel with Steve McCurry through the history of photography!


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Image credits: Rabari Tribal Elder, 2010 © Steve McCurry