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Frida Kahlo's portrait


Frida Kahlo, the artist who became a pop icon in Mexico, stars in this amazing exhibition in Madrid at the Palacio Neptuno. Until May 29, immerse yourself as never before in Kahlo's work thanks to this immersive exhibition.

The exhibition is a great audiovisual selection of essential moments to understand the life of the Mexican artist. Thus, the sample, under the subtitle "Eyes that do not see heart that does not feel", covers her artistic facet, with examples of her work, as well as aspects of her professional and personal life, detailing how Frida Kahlo lived in Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century.

The exhibition uses videomapping and new technologies to make visitors merge into the colorful world of Frida. The idea is to break the walls of the museum and make the experience of the exhibition integral and not only contemplative.

Thus, visitors will enjoy unique moments, such as a trip to the artist's historic Mexico through virtual reality glasses. There will also be a classic photographic exhibition area, with important contributions from her own father, Guillermo Kahlo. The photographs trace the artist's biography, most of them in black and white. Finally, the videomapping space envelops the viewer in Frida's universe thanks to the projection of sound, images, music and text.

This exhibition has been organized by Next Exhibition and curated by Alejandra López, who has coordinated for a decade the collections and exhibitions around the Mexican artist.

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Image credits: Frida Kahlo © Next Exhibition