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The city of Madrid hides hundreds of secrets, historical curiosities, monuments and sites of interest, as well as centuries of history of great international relevance. Now, "Histoavetura" offers you a fun, educational and detailed way to learn first-hand much of the historical legacy of the capital.

This platform offers a multitude of guided tours of the capital, as well as other activities that share an immersive, participatory character, relying on proximity and proximity to learn history and enjoy the city.

Some examples are the tours "Barrio de las Letras: a capa y espada", through the illustrious Barrio de las Letras, the tour "Leyendas Negras de Madrid", which explores the hidden and mysterious events that took place in Madrid, or the tour "Guerra Civil: las huellas de un alma dividida", which approaches the city from the events after 1936.

In addition to these tours through the streets of the capital, "Histoaventura" also offers its famous gymkhanas. This format offers a perfect leisure and cultural experience, as it requires the active participation of the attendees, so that the information and data handled in each game is memorized and retained in the mind much more firmly.

You will be able to participate in some fun and illustrative games, such as "Cluedo: attempted murder of Lope de Vega", set in 1611, which will make you think and solve mysteries in the Barrio de las Letras. The game "Robbery of the Bank of Spain" will challenge you to unravel a robbery of the Bank of Spain committed by a bandit of the 19th century. There are many more, fun is guaranteed!

You can sign up and participate as a group, alone, with family or friends. The activities are designed for both visitors and residents of Madrid, there are always new mysteries to discover!

More information: "Histoaventura"

Image Credits: Parque del Capricho © Jose Carlos Castro. Shutterstock