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Matadero Madrid venue will host AM'21 Madrid, a performing arts festival dedicated to companies and artists from Africa. From November 25 to 28, get ready to immerse yourself in the dances, music and instruments of the neighboring continent, read on!

Theater pieces, dance performances, concerts and even workshops; the festival will feature an extensive program, always orbiting around African arts, its artists and their cultural diffusion around the world. This event aims to serve as an exhibition of African arts and, at the same time, to function as a meeting point between the public and the artists, between the curious and the professionals, to open spaces for dialogue and collaboration.

On the 25th Germaine Acogny, considered the mother of contemporary dance, presents "À un Endroit du Début" at the Fernando Arrabal Hall of the Naves del Español, in Matadero. Dance, narration, theater and audiovisual projections transport us to her particular Africa in this scenic autobiography. The 26th is the turn of "Uncles and Angels", this time at the Sala Hormigón. A production of the artist Nelisiwe Xaba focused on the "reed dance", an African dance that involves young African teenagers and girls.

More dance on the 27th with "Kmêdeus", a piece by Cape Verdean choreographer António Tavares, at the Sala Fernando Arrabal. An exploratory journey of sanity and madness in a key contemporary piece in the African scene of the moment. In addition to dance, the festival includes concerts by Daara J Family and its world-famous African hip-hop, on the 26th; and the concert, on the 28th, by Mû Mbana, composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet, originally from Guinea-Bissau.

If you are still down for more, you can attend the workshop that the percussionist Ari Tavares will give on the 27th and 28th. You will learn the principles of beatboxing and percussion, in addition to being part of a small group where creativity and group learning will be rewarded.

Check the whole program and do not miss any detail of this great African celebration.

More information: AM'21 Madrid

Image credits: AM'21 Madrid © Africa Moment