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Everyone is welcome here. Madrid is an open region where you can freely enjoy its unparalleled tourist and cultural offer, living unique experiences with all five senses. 

In the region of Madrid we want you to enjoy our streets, theaters, restaurants and towns. Beyond our urban environment, the region of Madrid keeps infinite secrets. Places with a singular charm and centuries of history. 

In just 8000 km2 we have five World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO (Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Hayedo de Montejo and the recently declared “Landscape of Light”), not to mention the tablaos flamencos, which are the basis of that other Intangible Heritage that is Flamenco. Moreover, eleven municipalities - the Villas de Madrid - of high cultural value, more than 100 museums and some of the most important European centers for the performing arts, dance, music or opera, and a very important variety of cultural routes and experiences, as well as our gastronomy. 

And so that you can enjoy all that Madrid has to offer, we have decided to launch the Region of Madrid Tourist Vouchers.

You can apply today!
From November 16, residents in Spain who visit the region will be able to benefit from this tourist voucher. The consumption of tourist and cultural products and services will be reduced by 50% on the purchase price with a maximum of 600 euros including VAT.

The discount will be applied to all those that are contracted directly with the travel agencies and accommodations participating in the program, that are enjoyed in the region and that include the contracting of a minimum stay of one night. 

With the new vouchers, a discount will also be applied to transportation from Spain to the region of Madrid contracted through a travel agency collaborating with the program, in which case the minimum stay in the region must be two nights. 

The reservation must be made at least 10 calendar days prior to the date on which the services are to be consumed, time necessary to complete the administrative procedures involved in the voucher. The services must be used no later than 40 days after the reservation has been made. 

The objective of this initiative of the region of Madrid is to dynamize the tourist activity in the region and to strengthen and revitalize the companies of the sector. 

You can already apply to receive your voucher! Register at Bonos Turísticos Region of Madrid, where there is information on the companies adhered to the program.

For any inquiry or request for information, the telephone number 910771144 is available along with an online form.

We are waiting for you in the region of Madrid!


Credits Image: Tourist Vouchers © Region of Madrid