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Group of people dancing in Silent Disco Tour


If you like original plans, you can not miss the Silent Disco Tours, a new concept of urban route in which participants walk through the city and dance to the rhythm of songs that listen to with headphones. Walk, dance and have fun with your family with this surprising initiative.

The idea is already a success in countries such as the UK and the USA and now the company Bailaloloco offers these immersive tours through the city of Madrid. Participants are guided by the company's managers through different parts of the city while listening to songs and melodies through synchronized headphones. This way, the tour is silent for other pedestrians, but for the participants, it is a real party with musical themes known to all.

In group you will dance, play and laugh with the different dynamics, fun tests, flashmobs and other proposals that will make this silent adventure an original experience that will make you discover the streets of Madrid in a very special way.

Every saturday one-hour long Silent Disco Tours are organized starting from central Plaza de Santa Ana, next to the statue of Calderón de la Barca, and ending at Plaza Mayor. They are open passes that you can book and join in a group or with other participants.

The company also offers the possibility of celebrating private events with this original initiative such as birthdays, corporate events or an original bachelorette party that includes a Silent Disco Tour animated by a Dj', with music at the request of the group, a final tapas and a few beers. 

Design your perfect plan!

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Image credits: Silent Disco Tours. Bailalololoco © Bailaloloco