Turismo Madrid

Virtual plans

Don't give up any cultural plan, because now they can be done without leaving home, so we propose all these options:

Dialogue on German Expressionism
If you are a teacher, an art student, a student of cultural centers, school-workshops or cultural associations, now you have the opportunity to attend the first virtual guided tour. A space to discuss works and artistic creation processes of German Expressionism, from its creation process to its exhibition to the public.
This activity has been developed by the educators of the national museum Thyssen Bornemisza, who energize the exhibition with questions about the works, thus establishing a conversation between all attendees. A different visit that moves away from the traditional ones. Don't forget to book your ticket because places are limited. 

The Queen Sofia in Ultra-HD
It exhaustively analyzes the 10 works that the Reina Sofia Museum presents in its gigapixel collection. A new way of discovering each painting and the details that the human eye cannot perceive, all thanks to a robot, made especially for the museum, with cameras, sensors and an ultraviolet light that allows to see the never seen before.
It also has cards where you can see the changes in composition, the restorations done and even the previous sketches of these works. You will be able to see the paintings of artists such as Salvador Dalí, María Blanchard, Juan Miró, Pablo Picasso and many others. 

The archaeological museum, now at home
Would you like to visit the National Archaeological Museum from home? Now, with its virtual tour, you can do it; its virtual classroom is a tool that allows children and young people to get to know the museum and, in this manner, learn history in a different and fun way. It contains more than 13,000 works and collections, in addition it has 20 didactic and personalized tours, divided in infantile, primary, secondary, high school and teachers.

Image credits: ©tsyhun_ Shutterstock