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Do you know this typical Catalan culinary speciality? Now you have the opportunity to taste authentic calçots without leaving the Community of Madrid. Catalan cuisine, a clear example of Mediterranean cuisine, is one of the richest and most varied in Spain. Many of its dishes are based on seasonal products, as in this case the calçots.

Calçot is a variety of onion that is harvested in winter, between November and April, and is prepared on the grill. A real delight that in Catalonia also serves as a pretext to gather family and friends around the Great Festival of the Calçotada, originally from the municipality of Valls, in Tarragona.

Good calçots must be cooked on a live fire and then, you have to peel the burnt layers and are usually accompanied by romesco sauce, made with almonds, hazelnuts, roasted tomatoes, spicy dry red peppers, garlic, oil, parsley vinegar and salt. 

Would you like to try this culinary delight? Now you can do it in the Sierra Norte of Madrid, specifically in the Huerto San Antonio, in La Cabrera, every Saturday and Sunday until the end of April. 

Don't miss out on enjoying such a special tradition in the middle of nature in the foothills of Pico de la Miel. 

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