Turismo Madrid

If these days you are still walking around Madrid a bit idle, take note of these plans that you will still be able to enjoy during the next few weeks - now or never!

 "FROM BELÉN TO AMERICA, a vision of the manger" 
If you are attracted by the world of nativity scenes, once again the Museo de América presents an exhibition of American nativity scenes that you can visit until the celebration of Our Lady of Candelaria, on 7 February.
You will be surprised by the great quality of the art of the Andean countries' nativity scenes, represented by the nativity scenes of Buenos Aires, Peru and Quito. The latter being the most outstanding for its beauty.  
And if you want to know more about these nativities, you will have a cultural mediation team available to inform you, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 13:30.

Until Sunday 24 January, at the Royal Palace in Madrid, you can visit the exhibition "The Other Court", and get to know the women of the House of Austria in the Royal Monasteries of Las Descalzas and La Encarnación.
An exhibition with portraits of these women that shows the way in which palatial and religious aspects come together, within the international court context that characterises the House of Austria and, in particular, the close relations with the Austrian Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

At the Círculo de Bellas Artes, until 24 January 2021 you can visit the exhibition "Futures Photography 2020", by PhotoEspaña.
This exhibition brings together the work of the five artists selected by PHotoEspaña to join the European Futures platform in 2020. This platform already has a hundred emerging artists from all over the world and 12 institutions, including festivals, museums and publishers, dedicated to photography and the visual arts in Europe.
If you are interested in photography, here you will find works from different perspectives: from documentary photography to expanded or installation photography. Don't miss it!

 Image credits: ©MonkeyBusinessImages_ShutterStock