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Mondrian y De Stijl

From last 11 November, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía will be hosting the exhibition 'Mondrian and De Stijl' until 1st March 2021. An exhibition organised by the own museum in collaboration with the Stichting Kunstmuseum den Haag, which counts with the collaboration of the Region of Madrid.

The first floor of the Sabatini building houses 95 works, 35 by Mondrian and 60 by the artists who formed the De Stijl movement with him, a trend that marked the course of geometric abstract art from the Netherlands and promoted a drastic change in visual culture after the First World War.

Through the different works, we will discover how was the relationship of this group of young creators of abstract art and who founded a magazine with the same name, with the aim of exchanging ideas about this unique style.

But at that time, other artistic currents also developed, something that is evident in the exhibition, since throughout the nine rooms the philosophy of this movement is put into dialogue with other initiatives that aimed to create a genuinely contemporary art.

The exhibition 'Mondrian y De Stijl' is part of the 30th anniversary of the Reina Sofía Museum, and reviews from this perspective the enormous artistic influence of Mondrian (1872, Amersfoort-1944, New York), considered, along with Picasso, as the great figure of reference of Modernity.

More info: Mondrian y De Stijl

Image credits: © Vista de la exposición MONDRIAN Y DE STIJL. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Noviembre 2020. Obra: Dormitorio infantil, Villa Arendshoeve, hogar de la familia Bruynzeel, Voorbug. Reconstrucción parcial. (Vilmos Huszár y Pieter Jan Christophel Klaarhamer. Fotografía Joaquín Cortés/Román Lores. Archivo fotográfico del Museo Reina Sofía