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Visitas virtuales al Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Discover history from another point of view thanks to the virtual tours offered by the MAN National Archaeological Museum. Move around the different rooms, and let yourself be surprised by the different tours full of archaeological knowledge and information. Here we go!

Following in our line of enjoying virtually the treasures that host the most important museums of the region, it is now the turn of the National Archaeological Museum, a public institution, whose objective is none other than to offer its visitors a rigorous and interesting vision of the meaning of the objects that belonged to different Spanish towns and the Mediterranean area, from Antiquity to the present day.

Located from its beginnings in the Palacio de Biblioteca y Museos Nacionales, except from 1867 to 1893 when the Casino de la Reina was provisionally occupied it, it is located in the Paseo de Recoletos, the axis of art par excellence, in a building whose construction took more than thirty years to complete it.

Now you have the possibility to know closely everything that this museum houses, thanks to a spectacular immersive walk that you can do directly from the own museum's website, or downloading its application on your mobile device. 

You can access its 40 rooms freely, navigating from the menu by thematic areas or plants, as you decide, to see its more than 13,000 archaeological objects, and learn, through selected pieces, aspects of the past that have similarities with the present.

If you prefer, you can visit the museum virtually through the five thematic visits available: essential, archaeology of death, women's museum, music in the museum, and history of conservation and restoration.

Live a different experience at the National Archaeological Museum without leaving home!

More info: National Archaeological Museum 

Image credits: Website National Archaeological Museum