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Visitas virtuales para todos en el Museo Nacional del Prado

In the known as Art Walk, is one of the most important and visited museums in the world, we are talking about the Prado Museum. Through its website, it is possible to access on-line to a large part of its collection and obtain complementary information easily and comfortably, and what better time to do it than now. Will you join us?

A must if you visit our region, is the Prado Museum, one of the best art galleries in the world that houses masterpieces of Spanish, Italian, French, Flemish and Dutch painting, among others. 

Inaugurated in 1819, the museum was created almost by chance. Designed by the architect Juan de Villanueva in 1785 by order of Charles III as the Natural Sciences Cabinet, it was not until his grandson, Ferdinand VII, decided to use this building to store hundreds of canvases by famous artists that were accumulated in the Royal Palace.

From here it was called the National Museum of Painting and Sculpture and later received the name we know today, National Prado Museum, which housed 311 paintings to show the public, although it already had in its funds 1510 works from the Royal Sites.

Currently, the gallery hosts more than 10,000 works, and as it is not always possible to make a visit, we encourage you to explore it virtually, so that you do not stay with the desire to know a little more about this institution.

Through its website, you will know the complete collection of its works in detail. To facilitate access to its collections, the works are classified by author, subject, chronology, material, technique, etc. In addition, you will also have access to a collection of its masterpieces.  

Of course, the little ones will also be able to enjoy this virtual experience, through differens audio guides and commented works, adapted to children, by the hand of Margarita and her friends. 

We recommend you to follow the activity of the Madrid art gallery from their Twitter account, where every day they inform about online courses and much more, or the Instagram account to know the ins and outs of the museum.  

More info: Virtual visit to the Prado Museum 

Image credits: ©Belén Imaz. Region of Madrid