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Visita virtual al Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje was created with the aim of showing the historical evolution of clothing in Spain from the 18th century to the haute couture of today. Since last March 2nd it cannot be visited due to the different restoration and improvement works that are being carried out, but you have the possibility to do it virtually, would you like to do it?

If you like fashion, you will love this museum, as it invites you to discover what our ancestors' clothes were like, taking a chronological journey through different periods. The Museo del Traje was born in 2004, although its collection dates back to 1925 with the exhibition of Regional and Historical Costume, which was held thanks to contributions from different Spanish provinces.

After several changes in the name of the collection, we find the current gallery located in the building designed by the architects, Jaime López de Asiain and Ángel Díaz Domínguez, and which initially housed the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, which would later move to its current location, the Reina Sofía Museum.

Although, as we advanced you, it is not possible to visit it at present, its website provides us different ways of getting to know its spectacular collections in detail. 

On the one hand, the 'static virtual visit', which includes all the pieces in the museum's showcases, organized by category, with explanatory sheets for each article.

On the other hand, the 'dynamic virtual visit', with which you will be able to advance through the museum's own rooms, to see the collection, which will allow you to stop and look at it calmly, and get a more real idea of how the pieces are placed.

There is a third option through Google Art, the result of a collaboration with Google, which is part of the Art Project. 

More info: Museo del Traje 

Credits image: Web Museo del Traje



Aunque como os decíamos, actualmente no se puede visitar, su página web nos proporciona maneras diferentes de conocer sus espectaculares colecciones con todo lujo de detalle. 

Por un lado la 'visita virtual estática', que incluye todas las piezas existentes en las vitrinas del museo, organizadas por categorías, con fichas explicativas de cada artículo.

Por otro lado, la 'visita virtual dinámica', con la que podrás avanzar por las propias salas del museo, para ver la colección, lo que te permitirá detenerte para verlas tranquilamente, y hacerte una idea más real de cómo están dispuestas las piezas.

Existe una tercera opción a través de Google Art, fruto de la colaboración con Google, que se enmarca dentro del proyecto Art Project. 

Más información: Museo del Traje 

Créditos imagen: Web Museo del Traje