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Descubre las 11 Villas Floridas de la Comunidad de Madrid

In the Region of Madrid, we have undertaken to show you the region by proposing a different leisure plan every week. On this occasion the idea is to get to know eleven towns, which form part of a new initiative that was unveiled at the last edition of Fitur, and which, under the name of 'Villas Floridas' (flowering towns), seeks to enhance its unique beauty. Do you want to know more? Stay with us!

In the last edition of Fitur, the Region of Madrid presented the project 'Villas Floridas de Madrid', a new model of sustainable tourism, which invites Madrid residents and tourists to visit eleven villas in the region, following a model used successfully in countries such as France and Germany.

The idea has its origin in the French concept "Ville Florie", a quality seal with a long historical tradition, and aims to embellish the eleven cities participating in the initiative, which are: Buitrago del LozoyaChinchónColmenar de OrejaNavalcarneroNuevo BaztánManzanares El RealPatonesSan Martín de ValdeiglesiasTorrelagunaVillarejo de Salvanés, and Rascafría.

For this purpose, the landscaped areas will be enhanced, the areas with more flowers will be decorated, and much more care will be taken with aspects such as the cleaning of the spaces, or the rehabilitation of the facades, among other actions. In short, the aim is to enhance the beauty of these cities, in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

All these towns have in common that they are unique destinations that currently enjoy recognized value thanks to its Cultural Heritage and authenticity, which together with its renovated infrastructure, make them quality destinations, so from here we encourage you to visit them and discover their attractions.

In the section of 'weekend getaway' of our website, you will find these and other locations. We encourage you to discover them and explore our region, learning about its history, traditions, customs and gastronomy. This is an authentic plan for your free time, which you can enjoy with whomever you decide.

Come and explore the Region of Madrid, we're waiting for you!

Image credits: Buitrago del Lozoya